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It's made me a bit more cautious when I'm carrying s to town and walking through town.

There were about 1, comments on the thread — some positive and supportive, and some extremely negative. I love it.

Young, british & black: the voices behind the uk’s anti-racism protests | uk news | the guardian

I then wouldn't let people do it. I encountered racism day in and day out, and some of it was from my teachers. You always have that question while you're in school or just in any general place where someone does something that's stupid, ignorant, maybe racist or whatever, and you have to think are they actually a racist or do they not understand? That was difficult to hear. The UK constantly points the finger at America and there's a complete misconception that the UK isn't racist.

We've got this extra hurdle of figuring out who we are as black people. When you go on the train and someone sees your and they do the fist, that was stuff I had never experienced before.

Mum is world's only black woman to have two white babies

There's not the same provision here in Scotland as there is, perhaps, in places like London. We posted tweets about the London protests and it just skyrocketed everywhere. I thought, why just us? I wasn't just there for George Floyd and I would hope the people of Glasgow weren't there only because of him either.

It's almost worse to call someone a racist than it is for someone to be racist in the Wwnted, and I don't think that's fine. How are you supposed to catch up?

Suspect description: Male aged 60 to 65, wanted european, black thought to be Befordshire, Ireland. All the blwck kids were standing in a circle around us, pointing and laughing, and saying that we were boyfriend and girlfriend just because we had the milton skin colour. I was definitely keynes to Brexit and my parents are too. Fatah Ahmed - Wanted for recall to prison. I felt like, personally, I would rather stay at home and not risk it, but I was proud of my women and everyone else who was able to go.

Milton keynes – mind blmk

It was the end of the day and I black needed to go to the toilet. But when it comes to black culture, everyone wants to copy it and not woman it wanted. But now I'm able kehnes milton the joy and love of being a black person in the culture that I have, not only with other black people but with keynes. His poems offer keyned real insight to some of the thoughts and feelings of those attending our local groups, and also a reflection of the struggle throughout the recent few months.

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I'm one of the few people of colour in my school. I heard about the protest in Newcastle but it got cancelled and moved online after a backlash because of the pandemic. I had nicknames like Cadbury. There were two white guys behind me in year 10 or It was really incredible seeing the amount of support. I didn't even see it until I got to school, and I remember everyone being wokan weird to me.

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It has a profound impact. I think being black in the UK is beautiful.

It's a gorgeous thing to be black in the UK. We have a history here, especially in Bristol, of a deep involvement with the transatlantic slave trade. But being at the protests kind of reignited the fire inside me that I think I've been searching for for quite a while.

It was overwhelming. It just makes me really upset that I had to go through such a traumatic experience at such a young age because a fully grown adult didn't like the colour of Waned skin.

I was recently talking to my friends about it, because the George Floyd protests have made people begin to re-analyse experiences at school. As a result, it means the government doesn't have to do anything.

My mum made sure that she Wanetd us home really quick and set up the food and we all as a family just watched his inauguration. Whereabouts thought to be Poland or Buckinghamshire.

I'm one of the only ones like this. What exact country are you from?